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Furious brief man goes on strange bagel store rant about females hating 5ft guys on dating apps before another consumer tackles him
  • 11 Jul 2019, 11:09
  • Updated: 12 Jul 2019, 8:48
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HUNGRY customers at a bagel store had been kept in surprise whenever a furious man that is short in to a misogynistic rant after a lady employee smiled at him.

The tiny guy yelled: “how come it OK for females to state, ‘Oh you’re 5 legs’ on online dating sites — 'you should always be dead'. That’s OK? ” releasing right into a furious tirade against ladies, before being tackled to your ground by a much taller consumer.

This brief guy, whom over and over repeatedly insists he could be 4-foot 11 or five-foot in the tirade, has reputation for loud general general general general public rants himself, it has now emerged that he has filmed.

A few videos of exactly exactly just what is apparently the person himself shooting their mad narration take an account by Chris Morgan heading back very nearly per year.

Their videos have accumulated 1000s of views and then he has a lot more than 3,000 customers on their channel, rendering it appear this over-dramatic rants are for promotion.

In many the videos, the folks that are being harassed call the man Chris plus it seems to show the aggravated bagel guy has a brief history of punishment.

One video uploaded December using the name "Ghetto Hoodrat Cuts in the front of us To make use of Bathroom", he continues on another tirade that is foul-mouth a girl right in front of her son or daughter.

Things seem to get real once the girl confronts him saying "what have you been angry for" before a smacking sound is heard and she yells "get the hands off me".