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A total, most likely Biased Ranking of Carrie Bradshaws 18 Intercourse as well as the City Boyfriends

Notable mainly if you are the very first guy Carrie hooks up with onscreen in season one (Should we now have intercourse like guys? ) in addition to having straight-up shark face, Kurts presence ended up being fleeting. He had been here, after which he had been gone, making just the lingering fragrance of Drakkar Noir and international venereal diseases in their wake.

Verdict: One Cosmo with lipstick around the rim.

An affable young doofus that Carrie rebounds with after being endured up by Mr. Big, whose ADHD rambling ( "I'd this fantasy, I experienced these HUGE arms, and you also had been inside it… as this gorgeous woman that is unicorn) and tailgating-at-a-Phish-concert-esque apartment eventually turned her down when you look at the awesomely-named "Valley for the Twenty-Something Guys" episode. Us too.

Verdict: Two cosmos laced with LSD.

The chiseled French designer who mistakes Carrie for a high-class hooker and actually leaves $1,000 regarding the nightstand. Le fin.

Verdict: One Cosmo having a beret (mostly for the line "You're too stunning to be an author. " F*ck you, guy. )

Before he had been Jennifer Aniston's spouse, he appeared on Intercourse and also the City—twice. The very first time, he is a flash-in-the-pan journalist who is experiencing his five moments of fame and believes that means it is fine to put on sunglasses in.

Verdict: A half-drunk Cosmo with little to no sunglasses upon it.

We discover in Season 2 that during her dry spells, Carrie often goes down seriously to Pound Town utilizing the guy through the All State Commercials/Dennis from 30 Rock, random star Dean Winters.